Foxy hits Dublin

So every time I book my enterprise train ticket to Dublin I manage to choose the most horrendous day weather wise. The first time I made the trip was just before St Patrick's day. I got off the train and was greeted with gale force winds and hail storms. Clearly I did'nt get too much drawing done. This time was slightly different, I had a lovely morning BEFORE the torrential rain in the afternoon. It was just in time to get a photo shoot done with the lovely Nathalie from Image Interior & Living magazine. It is a piece called 'meet the crafters' which will be in the July issue. So keep an eye out for little ole foxy.

My boyfriend (and foxy photogrpaher filmsbyben) asked me to get a photo of myself being photographed if that makes sense?? I always forget when I do these shoots which really annoys him so I took one of myself outside Christ Church Cathedral which is my next print.. He does'nt approve, he thinks I should just just stick to the drawing.


I'm very fortunate to have talented friends in Dublin. They have jumped on the Flax Fox band wagon and decided to take some pictures of my new organic cotton t shirts. They really are so comfortable to wear and part of an earth positive supplier headlined by Lily Cole. You can check out my www.facebook/ page for the video blog about sustainable cotton. 

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