Hartley Hall Greenisland

So I was invited to take part in a show house project called 'Hartley Hall' by Maureen Collins. As an Interior designer she was given the brief to decorate this house above with local crafters and designers products. She chose well and it was a great idea, I hope more show houses around the country start doing the same. I was pleased to see many artists from St George's Market there including Deborah Toner, Andrew Coombes, Chantalle Coombes and Deborah Campbell. Abigail*Ryan had their new beautiful fabric and wallpaper collection on display and Refound furniture complimented the master bedroom beautifully. We were also treated to an amazing spread by the Belfast artisan deli Sawers

You have no idea how good this ham tasted with smoked apple chutney and cheese and mixed olives. There was a few super hot peppers thrown in there too (much to my tastebud delight). This is a man in the food industry I greatly admire. He is always offering new and exciting foods and has a great way of displaying it. Artisan food at it's best!

Mr Sawer holding up my (slightly crinkly) Trinity College tea towel below. It worked really well in the Kitchen made by Terry Designs. Another great design company based in Northern Ireland. You should click on the link above to see all the fabulous things they design. 

So I was really impressed with Maureen Collins and her lovely seamstress. I gave her my tea towels and they transformed them into big fluffy pillows and cushions. This was the Belfast Public Library tea towel which was used in the Teenage Room. They also used The Cranes, Queen's University and The Merchant Hotel as pillows. 

So you can guess what Flax Fox is going to have on their website very soon....? Yes, some lovely new cushions & pillows. Now, the tricky question is which ones will I make first? 

This was the young/teenage room that showcased Flax Fox products. Refound was also featured in here alongside Flax Fox Original Screen Prints. The idea was that it was non-gender specific and that it could be used as a young persons bedroom or a chill out room. They also made a storage curtain over the bed so you can fit itty bitty things behind the Ulster Hall, which became almost like a pocket. A great idea for hiding clutter or storing bits and pieces.

This is the Merchant Hotel Pillow appliquéd onto a fab dotty fabric. It has given me lots of ideas of the fabrics I might use on my pillows.

and yes, I can confirm the pillow is ultra comfy! zzzzzzzz

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