Winter life model.

It's January 2022 and we're halfway through Winter. Do you feel it?

I'm noticing the scene change, a different tempo. I'm drawn to seed heads because of their exquisite shape ~ like Hydrangea's.

They're stunning in bloom but more interesting dead.  Their intricate structure is the best ‘life’ model as it allows me time to study each petal. It's an art-y fart-y thing.

Hydrangea watercolour painting by Danielle Morgan


Did you know each colour represents an emotion?

Pink is a heartfelt gesture, blue an apology. White is to boast and purple is a deep desire to understand someone. 

This original painting is available to buy or you can check out my greeting card collection for more floral inspiration. They've poems on the back which might make you think of someone in particular. 

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