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Telegraph Doodle

Queen's Quarter

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

Walk inside the places pictured here and you’ll discover dinosaurs, mummies, modern art, exotic tropical plants, theatre, live music, cakes, cinnamon trees, steam engines, even daffodils in December. 

Palm House Belfast by Danielle Morgan

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Launching T-Shirts

Posted on Sep 19, 2013

Photography is not a skill I have mastered yet, and as I build my website I have come to realise just how vitally important it is. At my St George's Market stall I rely on merchandising to show off my products. Customers can feel, touch and experience what I have to offer. Trying to translate that onto a screen is a lot more difficult than I anticipated. So I have had to ask for help along the way. One of these kind helpers is Michael Leckie. Click on his name to see his amazing work, not to mention the impressive people he has photographed. Thank you question, do you reckon your model could do a shift on my stall?

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