Back Bend

Giclée Digital Print

By Flax Fox


Picture of Back Bend

Tuesday 31st March

Wheel pose

This was easy when I was 8. I'd do a handstand against the wall, slide my feet to the ground then do a little crab shuffle to give myself room

Memories of fearlessly swinging round handrail bars. Frontways, backways....whichever way seemed more dangerous🤸‍♀️

Today, I'm happy to take a big deep breath and lift myself off the ground without violently crashing to the ground after 3 seconds 😳

Danielle 'putting her back into it' Morgan

Details + Printed on Epson archival matte paper. All reproduction prints are signed by myself. 

Measurements + A4 210 x 297 mm A3+ 329mm x 483mm