John Longs Fish & Chip Shop Artist Postcard


By Flax Fox Designs


Picture of John Longs Fish & Chip Shop Artist Postcard
  • John Longs Fish & Chip Shop Artist Postcard
  • John Longs Fish & Chip Shop Artist Postcard
  • John Longs Fish & Chip Shop Artist Postcard

That distinct smell of fish and chips smothered in salt and vinegar reminds me of being at my parents house on a Friday at tea time. My dad, still to this day brings home a 'chippie' on his way home from work. Two fish suppers with mushy peas for himself and my mum. 

It's a tradition. It marks the beginning of the weekend, a break from work, chores, dishes and weekday responsibilities. I often nip over with my two children and we all have a catch up with a chippie in our lap.

My guilty pleasure is a slice of white buttered bread packed with chippie chips smothered with a big dollop of red sauce (otherwise known as ketchup!). I fold it in half, making sure no chips fall out and tend to eat it standing up. No knives, no forks, and table manners can go out the window - it's comfort food at it's best.

John Longs is one of Belfast's oldest chip shops. I was delighted to be asked to sketch the building as it's an important part of Belfast Heritage. Serving customers for the past 100 years is some accomplishment which is why I've added it to my range of postcards.

If you have some friends you like to share a fish supper with, send them a little handwritten note on the back of my postcard reminding them of good times. It's a good way to stay in touch. It's also something to be treasured. 

Details + Orientation is landscape 

Helpful info + Printed on uncoated 350 gsm card. Postcards come wrapped in a cello sleeve and posted in a hard back envelope for protection. 

Measurements + Postcard measures 21 x 14.8 cm (A5) and will be posted in a hard backed envelope.

Why we love it + Either send to a friend, keep for yourself or frame it and put it on your mantlepiece!