Giclée Digital Print

By Flax Fox


Picture of Nettles

Saturday 25th April

Jeggy Nettles

Has the stinging nettle had a makeover? As a kid, these were dreadly nasty weeds

Normally found in places we shouldn't have been. Inevitably, someone always fell into the Jeggy nettles 🙈

It was : Mission find a dock leaf, quick! And like a scene from ER, handfuls of dock leaves would be furiously rubbed into white bumby skin

When it was my turn to be the patient, I'd nod in agreement and say "yes it's working..". But really, the magic was convincing yourself the increasing stabbing pain was a figment of your imagination 🙄

Little did I know they're packed full of vitamins. And that deadly sting they have? Can (allegedly) help eliminate hayfever and inflammation. All you need to do is sting yourself everyday 🤷

Danielle 'contemplating a stinging session' Morgan

Details + Printed on Epson archival matte paper. All reproduction prints are signed by myself. 

Measurements + A4 210 x 297 mm A3+ 329mm x 483mm