European Heritage Open Days



'HMS Caroline' Sketch by Danielle Morgan / Flax Fox


Can someone please clone me? Preferably before September 14th?
It would take at least 50 Mini Me’s to visit all the amazing places I'd like to sketch for European Heritage Open Days.

September 14th and 15th is FREE entry to explore an array of churches, castles, old mills, thatched houses, lighthouses and libraries dotted across Northern Ireland (and many more down south).

The Guildhall Derry by Danielle Morgan from Flax Fox

The Guildhall watercolour sketch from 'Derry Skyline' 


My new 'Derry Skyline' features The Guildhall, St Columb's and St Eugene's which are included in the Open Day weekend. You can find a full list of buildings taking part by clicking the link below:

Danielle Morgan Drawing The Sunflower Belfast

Danielle painting her original 'Sunflower Bar' illustration


Did I say #EHOD also includes pubs? At The Sunflower in Belfast (note the original 1980s security cage), great local beers are a bonus.

You can peek inside the Public Records Office or dander around Dunluce Castle. I’m always on the hunt for new wonders to draw and share with the world. 

I'd love to hear your favourites. Please share in the comments below or send me an email on



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